1. Round Table 'Sustainable ETFs'

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  2. Seminar 'How to position your portfolio for 2024 and beyond'

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Every year Financial Investigator organises various events as round tables, seminars and dinner meetings. When determining the events, the developments in the sector are closely examined and current topics are taken into account.

In recent years, the following topics have been discussed, among others:

Round tables:

AIFMD, Alternative Beta in Fixed Income, Alternative Fixed Income, APF, Balance Sheet Management, Management dilemmas at ESG and Impact Investing, Collateral Management, Custody, Sustainable Investment Pension Funds, EMD, Emerging Markets, EMD, Emerging Markets Equity, ESG and Impact Investing, ESG in Fixed Income, ETFs, External Manager Selection, Fiduciar Management and Integrated Balance Management, Fiduciary Management and Outsourcing of the External Manager Selection, Fixed Income, Hedge Funds, High Yield, Impact Investing, Implementing, Managing & measuring ESG, Infrastructure, Cost Transparency, LDI, Market Cap Weighted versus Alternative Beta Investing, Passive Investing in ESG, Pension Fund Governance, Portfolio Construction in Multi Asset Class Investing, PPI, Private Equity, Quant Investing, Real Assets, Risk Management, Risk Parity, Securities Lending after the crisis, Small & Mid Caps, Sustainable Investing in Real Assets, Sustainable Investing in Real Estate, Transition Investing, Value Investing, Science and practice in the pension world.


Alternative Fixed Income, Balance Sheet & Asset Management for Insurers, The management dilemmas in Sustainable Investment, Disruptive Innovation, Long Term Investing & ESG, Factor Investing in Equities, Fixed Income & across Asset Classes, Fiduciary Management, Integrated Balance Management & LDI in a changing world, Grip on Alternative Fixed Income Values! Grip on Factor Investing, Market Cap Weighted versus Alternative Beta Investing in Equities and Fixed Income, Risk on or Risk off?, Smart Beta and Factor Investing, Smart beta investing: sense or nonsense? The Evolving landscape of ESG & Impact Investing, The Opportunities in Alternative Fixed Income in a Low Yielding Environment, The Opportunity in Alternative Fixed Income: Rethinking Fixed Income Allocation, Real Estate, Infrastructure & Long Term Investing!, Fixed-income values: the tension between low interest rates and a responsible policy, Fixed-income values: what can and should be done?, What's next for Factor Investing in Equities & Fixed Income?, What steps need to be taken to perform tasks for factor Investing 2.0?

Dinner meetings:

Factor Investing, Fiduciary Management & Outsourcing of the External Manager Selection, ESG & Impact Investing and Investment Outlook.