2020 - 02

2020 - 02

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In this edition the (consequences of the) corona crisis will be discussed in detail. During the Roundtable on Balance Sheet Management and Asset Management for Insurers, the participating experts discussed the current valuations of asset classes, following the huge fall in prices caused by the corona crisis. The discussion also addressed the question of whether corona as a pandemic risk had been properly priced by insurers.

Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science at Berkeley, addresses the question what is the most relevant historical period to draw lessons from when it comes to the consequences of the coronavirus. In our interview with him he explains what those lessons should be.

Our regular columnists Frank van Blokland, Pim Rank, Andy Langenkamp and Thijs Jochems discuss in their contribution successively COVID-19 and real estate, the legal aspects of the corona crisis, the (in)escapability of stagflation in the post-corona era and the question of pension funds fall off the S-curve by COVID-10.

In the cover story, David Diepbrink, Mercer's new Wealth Leader, discusses the new Pension agreement, the developments in the Dutch fiduciary market and the way in which Mercer is positioning itself in this market.

I wish you a lot of health in this turbulent period!

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