Phenix Capital Group: Impact Report on Resilient Economies

Phenix Capital Group: Impact Report on Resilient Economies

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The Impact Report on Resilient Economies by Phenix Capital reveals that more 1105 funds contribute to building resilient economies and €232 billion has been committed towards these funds since 2015.

Resilience is the ability of individuals, households, communities, cities, institutions, systems and societies to prevent, resist, absorb, adapt, respond and recover positively, efficiently and effectively when faced with a wide range of risks, while maintaining an acceptable level of functioning without compromising long-term prospects for sustainable development, peace and security, human rights and well-being for all (UN, 2015).

Key report takeaways

  • According to fundraising figures, since 2015, private equity, real assets and private debt impact funds were preferred by institutional funds allocators, raising on average EUR 45 billion + per asset class.
  • The amounts being currently fundraised by resilient economies funds are similar to real assets, private equity, and private debt impact funds: EUR 14 billion on average.
  • Most of the commitments from institutional investors were allocated towards access to healthcare services (Goal 3), financial inclusion (Goal 1) and affordable housing (Goal 11), which are sectors known to offer higher return targets in line with financial-first impact funds’ dual mandate. This trend is continuing, according to the target size of open funds.